Feb. 23rd, 2005

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The first question on IRS form 1023 (nonprofit app), Schedule A (specific to religious orgs) is: Provide a brief history of the development of the organization, including the reasons for its formation.

My rough outline notes for answering are:
(insert attachment covering the following points in flowery legalese)
• Religion itself long dormant, as Eris' spirit left mankind; as she has recently returned her attention to us, her church is necessary to guide mankind's spiritual development.
• Erisian Vision to the Polyfather & his sidekick
• History of Discordian Activities in the last 30+ years
• History of the Annual Discordian Ritual, which has grown into something of a movement, inspiring other Discordians to hold their own religious services
• General disrespect & discrimination that Erisians face require a central church to advocate on their behalf and explain the tenets of our faith to outsiders.
• Eris told me to make a church.

And, the more detailed, LONGER explanation within. )

Comments welcome. Additional details welcome. Corrections of facts welcome, but not necessary. (If the Lutheran Synod can claim the head of their church is a guy who's been dead for 2,000 years, facts are obviously not the key features of these reports.)

Another question is "Describe the form of worship and attach a schedule of worship services."

and the answer inside--again, written in bureaucratese )

Later, I'll add bits about "how to attract new members." (Am told that they probably won't be happy if I answer "with magnets.")


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