May. 16th, 2007

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I stumbled on this site years ago, and even emailed elfwreck to see if he needed any help setting up a website.  (I design software/websites by trade.)  I think I was probably nonperson@operamail back then.  Maybe NotACabbage@operamail

Anyways, I was just telling my friend who is being audited that he should start a church as a way to obscure some of his financial transactions.  Then I remembered this site and thought I'd come see what progress has been made.....  Not much by the look of it.  Are you guys any nearer to incorporation yet?  I would totally be all about becoming a priest/deacon/whatever, and then guerilla marrying people.
I would just walk up to random people or things and start a wedding ceremony.  They would laugh, and think it was strange.  They might think, "who is this guy, he can't really marry me to this potted cactus can he?"
"Yes.  Yes I can."  is what I would think back at them.

So, what's the story?  When are you officially "A Church"?



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