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Where abouts in California is this church located?

How does one go about becoming an official member?

What is the square root of sixteen?

How can I help?

Was this question just thrown in to serve the Law of Fives?

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Date: 2005-09-15 02:57 pm (UTC)
elf: Rainbow sparkly fairy (Default)
From: [personal profile] elf
Well, the Founders of the Church live in Oakland. The church itself, of course, lives in the hearts and minds and pineal glands of its followers. And in cyberspace, which is a whacked location to begin with and can only be made more strange by the addition of weird churches.

To become an "official member," you announce an interest thereof. (Or you don't backpedal fast enough when I announce things like "everyone on this e-list is becoming a member of the Church.") Then I put your name in the Offishial Churrrch Database, along with notes like "from LJ" or "volunteered webspace." If you tell me your greyface legal name, I note that too. If I have an email address or phone #, I also note those. But the church has plenty of members with names like "PantheraCat from Delphiforums."

Four. Usually. With Euclidian math. We're working on the other kinds.

You can... create an offisshial webby site for the church; I've got plenty of random discordian & IRS documents that could be put up, but I haven't sorted out that webbydesign thingie yet. You can... volunteer to help with the "treasury" function, which seems to mean "inventing numbers to attach to our non-existant income, and recording them in IRS-approved boxes." You can... spread the Strange News & gather more members for the church. You can... chat with me on email (elfwreck at gmail dot com) and lemme know what you'd like to do.

Of course it was. Or then again, maybe not. Fnord.

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Date: 2005-09-15 06:00 pm (UTC)
kiya: (lotus discordia)
From: [personal profile] kiya
Negative four also.

By the way, the oflounderal site thing I'm playing with, do you have any thoughts about what you'd like me to do with it, or should I design it and put it up and then send you the blame?
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So people, this is Margot Adler, author of Drawing Down the Moon, and I am at madler@npr.org. I am seriously trying to find out the state of the Erisian movement at the moment, if it even can be called such. I wrote a long chapter in my book Drawing down the Moon - it was called religions of paradox and play and it is really all about discordianism and such... So now I am updating both the resource guide and want to also say a bit at the end of the chapter of what is happening now. Please email me with any info you might have as to groups, and other stuff. blessings margot adler
From: [identity profile] arymede.livejournal.com
The problem with the Erisian movement is that there really isn't any, as such. There's a bunch of people who loosely call themselves Erisian, Discordian, Chaos Magicians, and assorted other things, and they frequently like to chat with each other, although they frequently don't like to chat with each other too. And most of them are moving in some way or another, but there is little to no coordination of said movement, and that which is coordinated is mostly by accident, mistake, or fluke.


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