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Hello, my name is not Indigo Montoya (wouldn't that kick all ass?). I'm expressing my interest in being an "official" member. (Also, because no one has posted in several months, and that is sad.) I can offer my talents as an artist to draw many nifty things, and, uhm, juice boxes. And a banana-shaped table. Seriously.

Hail Eris!

(Who often rides the Several Aisles of Walgreens in full pirate regalia.)

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Date: 2006-05-11 02:04 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] buio-omega.livejournal.com
Are you an official pope as well? Full pirate regalia demands respect from the sniveling hordes of Wal-greenites. As for Wal-Mart the only apparel needed is the simple luxury of cottage cheese and applesauce across the genitalia.

Hail Eris!

This board is so dead I forgot i was a member....

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Date: 2006-05-11 02:24 pm (UTC)
elf: Rainbow sparkly fairy (Default)
From: [personal profile] elf
I'll try to wake this up soon. Fifth Trinity is sorta waiting on me to finish waffling about the paperwork... either I should appoint a couple of "board members" to be stuffed shirts and just rubberstamp whatever whacko ideas I come up with (and approve whatever budgets I create--which is kind of a silly word to use, because "budget" implies "money", and I think our annual budget consists of "a few bucks for supplies for the Discordian Ritual at Pantheacon"), or I should get off my ass and start finding people who will actually do the *work* part of "creating a church."

This is further scrambled by my awareness that we don't actually *need* to file any papers to be a real, official church; we only need them if church status is challenged on legal grounds somewhere. But I *want* the nifty letter from the IRS that says "U R a Church.* However, it seems to want churches to be "corporations," which requires arcane taxy paperwork.

Ummm. If you're offering artistic talents, can you make us a nifty userpic? 'Cos I've decided that the design I've got, while given unto me by Eris Herself, looks too much like a Legend of Zelda logo to use in public. (I'd never seen L of Z when I made it. Really. I declare L of Z to be the official video game of Fifth Trinity Church. All hail St. Link.)

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Date: 2006-05-14 04:55 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] telarus.livejournal.com
Hail St. Link!

Man, you need to check out the N64 version....closest to naked red-headed fairies you'll ever get in a children's game.



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