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Sep. 23rd, 2017 01:28 pm
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I went looking for costume pieces. I'm aware that my chances of finding the kind of costume pieces I want are low, and it's likely to take more than a casual search to find the kind of things I want within my budget. But I wanted to at least get a sense of what's available.

One of the things I want, is a Victorian-esque high-neck long-sleeves full length dress. Doesn't need to be period-accurate at all; just needs to have roughly the right silhouette. So I went to Amazon and searched for a few things; "maxi" is the current term for long dresses, but that gets me a bunch of sleeveless evening gowns. I searched for "long sleeves," which got me a number of pajama-esque looking shirt dresses, which warned me that searching for anything with extra coverage on top was likely to mean they removed an equal amount of fabric from the bottom. And sure enough, searching for high-neck dresses gets a bunch of sheaths that stop at the garter belt line.

And this monstrosity, which I am inflicting on you, dear readers, because otherwise I will have to bear the pain of having seen it alone. I think the... shoes? leggings? tights? ... are a separate article of clothing, and apparently so is the collar. But the full ensemble is stunning.

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Sep. 23rd, 2017 06:46 am
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Thursday was family games night, with pizza. [personal profile] sithjawa joined, as well as the partner's large array of siblings and their spouses/etc.

After games were done, my partner showed me Who Framed Roger Rabbit? out of the "You haven't seen that yet?" queue. And we watched more of The Orville, and I tested out my stand mixer by making some cookies.

Friday, in honor of the equinox, I baked a sweet cardamom loaf. Then we did a shopping run, and my partner made dinner.

These past two days have involved a lot of small gas-powered motors around. Partner has summoned a yard maintenance company to take care of some of the tree, bush, weed, and tenacious invasive morning glory things that the ex neglected in the interminable six months leading up to departure. It's been loud, but is so much better looking now. Though there are still some more things left for today, like the stack of lichen-covered branches in the driveway.

For whom the phone calls...

Sep. 17th, 2017 09:18 pm
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Well, I have given up on my Nexus 5 phone...I've replaced the on-switch, the battery and the USB port...and it is still flakey. It gave me some good usage...but it's now time to move on. I have replaced it with a second hand Samsung Galaxy S5. The build quality on the Samsung phones are so much better than the LG, who made the Nexus 5 for Google. The S5 is nice, and I got it for $160 used. With any luck, it should last me at least a year or two!! The other thing is that the radio/antenna in it is much better any of the previous phones I have had. I can get a decent signal down in the basement of Willowdale with it! No more dropped calls because I twitched slightly!

Yesterday, I started sorting out my clothing. My dad was a "clothes horse", and had complete wardrobes for all seasons!  So he bought me a lot of clothes. I had *13* garbage bags of clothes when I moved into Willowdale....So yesterday, after fighting off heat stroke and the like, I managed to sort through 6 of them. I reduced it all to one bag of clothes I can wear/use now, one of winter stuff (sweaters, etc), one of "memorabilia" consisting of t-shirts from various concerts and conventions I have attended...most of which won't fit me anymore, but I want to keep them anyways. Now I have two bags of stuff to get rid of...one that is going straight to charity...and other that a couple of people want to dig  through...then the remains will hit the charity circuit! So 6 bags down to two and a half bags (the t-shirts *don't* fill the bag, or close to it!).

Tomorrow is my counsellor session...originally, my roomate, Willow, was going to drive me, then he was going to go to a high school  reunion...so I was stuck taking the bus...the office is in Hazeldean...and I"m in South Keys...now if there was a bus that went straight across Hunt Club...I could be there is three quarters of an hour...but under the tender mercies of slow speed transpo, it takes almost two hours to get out there!! And that's if i don't miss any connections! 

Luckily, for me anyways, Willow decided not to go...so it will only take me 35-40 minutes to get there! Thank you again, Willow!!!

Long day!

Sep. 17th, 2017 02:46 am
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Breakfast with partner and metamour Leopard Girl.

Seanan McGuire event in Silverdale. We brought tribute, and were briefly Seanan's favorite. (Diet Dr Pepper and candy corn. Seanan is a being of predictable tastes.)

Mini muffin tin quest!

Partner made a note they should chat with our mutual friend in London about stuff. Hooray, viable communities.

Dinner for the extended polycule, with many dishes thanks to Trader Joe's. (Rice, orange chicken with extra zesty sauce but no carrots since we ran out, BBQ pork buns, pot stickers, spring rolls, and green beans. The rice and green beans weren't pre-packaged, and I do a little customization to the chicken by adding orange peel and scallions. The gyoza and bao steam over the rice, and the spring rolls could bake with the chicken. The green beans start frozen and get gently fried with seasonings. Usually it's butter and Montreal steak seasoning, but Stray Puppy Girl is very lactose intolerant, and Leopard Girl dislikes red pepper. So I went for sesame oil, garlic, onion, pepper, salt, ginger, a packet of soy sauce that needed using, and the excess teriyaki sauce from the other night. It turned out well. To my immense gratification, my partner really likes all the iterations of the green beans that I have made so far. Generally they disappear immediately.)

Club night. Without going into excessive detail, one of the groups near the people I was with were having a hilarious time, and kept setting each other off giggling. That prompted our group to giggle. The glee was infectious.

Everyone is spending the night. We hauled the camping pads out of the alleged guest room (it is currently not in a state for guests as my textiles have exploded all over it) and they're set up next to the futon in case it turns from cozy to crowded in the middle of the night. Things are well set up for breakfast, and there should be cheesecake at some point (thus the mini muffin tins).
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