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I stumbled on this site years ago, and even emailed elfwreck to see if he needed any help setting up a website.  (I design software/websites by trade.)  I think I was probably nonperson@operamail back then.  Maybe NotACabbage@operamail

Anyways, I was just telling my friend who is being audited that he should start a church as a way to obscure some of his financial transactions.  Then I remembered this site and thought I'd come see what progress has been made.....  Not much by the look of it.  Are you guys any nearer to incorporation yet?  I would totally be all about becoming a priest/deacon/whatever, and then guerilla marrying people.
I would just walk up to random people or things and start a wedding ceremony.  They would laugh, and think it was strange.  They might think, "who is this guy, he can't really marry me to this potted cactus can he?"
"Yes.  Yes I can."  is what I would think back at them.

So, what's the story?  When are you officially "A Church"?


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Date: 2007-05-17 12:22 am (UTC)
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From what I can sort out...

We are officially a church. (Huzzah, yeay, and all that.) All it takes to officially be a church is to declare it so. We are a nonprofit org with full protected status, because that is the default state of churches.

Remember: Church laws in the U.S. were made with frontier churches in mind. Those were "here's us 9 families living in the same valley, and every Sunday morning, we trek over to Mister Dobb's house, and he leads us in a bible study session. That's our church." No paperwork required.

Fifthtrinity is no closer to getting official paperwork, and I am now much conflicted about whether I want to. Official paperwork seems to involve incorporating, which I Do Not Wish To Do, in part because we are not a business. Other paperwork would be filing papers with the IRS; that's waiting for, oh, a few hours of playing with phrasing, and someone with legalese comprehension to check for loopholes.

If you're interested in helping with websitish stuff, email me at elfwreck at gmail dawt com; I have a few bits I'd like to put in it, and more that I can imagine but can't begin to code. I have thots of an online Erisian Priestly Training Program, but only the fuzziest of ideas how to implement it. (I would maybe like to set up Official Classes, even, with software like Moodle, except that I can't even experiment with such things on my own--dialup internet is not friendly to even simple web design.)


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